Jan 16, 2009

Announcement! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Finally! I can reveal the project I've been working on! 

So. Awhile ago I was contacted to make some videos and be a part of a contest.  
It's the Netflix Greatest Kiss Contest.  

The idea is to make a few videos all reenacting famous kissing scenes from well known movies (what with Valentines day coming up and all)! This required me to get as creative as I possibly could.  I've planned for 4 videos (this may change) and since the date this was all going to kick off was changed, almost all of my footage has been shot and edited for awhile, each one is as versatile as possible.  Expect the unexpected! 

The movies I chose? Cruel Intentions, Titanic, Jerry McGuire and Gone with the Wind.  I'll be uploading my first in the series late tonight.  The goal (since this is a contest) is to get my video enteries A.) Viewed as much as humanly possible, and B.) Get as many video responses as humanly possible.  So what's the prize? Three videos are picked and those creators sent to NYC where they'll reenact the scene for a panel of judges.  The final winner wins an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas.  I will be posting a lot of material in a very short amount of time.  

The site where you can see this is http://www.youtube.com/user/Netflixgreatestkiss So here's where I need YOUR help, fellow youtuber / internet junkies! Help me with views! When each goes up if you can help spread the word, post your video response (doesn't have to be anything fancy, whatever you can do is wonderful)! Share this info and link with anyone you think will be willing to help! 

Why should you do this? This is a great way to get yourself seen as well, since a lot of people in this industry will be checking out the site, videos and responses! 

I also want to give you incentive to help me, too.  For the person who can help me the most, as far as spreading the word, getting a large number of people involved with the views/responses, you'll get a 'prize' (more on that later) from me, when all is said and done, and promotion! Cool? So head over to the site, keep checking back from now until february 10th and let's do this, yo! 

PS VOTING may also be invloved...so keep an eye out and be sure to vote for me! :)

xoxo Deena Marie Manzanares


  1. ahh deena i would totally do this...except i dont have anyone to kiss :( so tragic ...ill try and promote your vids and such through twitter! good luck :)

    Dan: mallow610

  2. Yay Deena!! I'll do everything I can to show my support. I know you'll win!!! If you do, you have to reenact a kissing scene with ME. (yep, including TONGUE!!!) I'm not gay. You're not gay. But for one glorious moment, all that won't matter as our saliva joins together in perfect harmony! I mentioned I'm not gay, right?

  3. @Dan don't even sweat that. (hint) like I said, I had to get "very creative" with my videos. there are SO many ways to reenact, but in your case, you just need to do a response! Can be anything. You commenting, etc. :)

    @Daniel Thank you! :)

    @SkyGirl ugh, get over yourself. we're all a little gay & you know it!
    te he he he he.

  4. I'll try to help out as much as I can. =/ but... I mean I'm going to be at the Bahamas next week...hm..

  5. hi deena i just saw a video from that theme! i will give promotion to your video. Sooooo GOOOOO DEENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. you got it, yo!

    I just love that you said 'Yo'. heehee! I used to drive my hubby crazy with that.

    Nice scenes you picked.
    I'll vote everyday if I have to.



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  9. Dear Lajd. I was approached and contracted through a production company to do this project. They came to me. Apparently, she was too. I don't copy anyone or anything. I have been in my profession since I was three years old. Everyone compares everyone. If I ever stop to let that affect me, what a waste of my time that would be. If you don't like what I do, you don't have to watch, you don't have to read my blog, it's that simple. If all I had to do was 'copy' (and what are we, twelve?) someone - on the internet of all places, that'd be sad. You don't know me, but you sure seem obsessed. You posted multiple comments. I don't know anything about her live shows you mentioned, I don't watch them. so why don't you stop your harassment. Spread peace, and get a hobby so you don't spend your time bothering strangers.

  10. Hold up now. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if good ole "lajd" up above is non other than Stevie herself. If you do know anything about that one, she loves a feud. You're right, she does become obsessed by other women she feels threatened by. First Lisa Nova, Kiki Kanibal and now she just might be setting her sights on you. She is nothing other than a bully. Clearly you've gotten under her skin and it seems she's the one stewing over it. I used to enjoy her comedy but lately she just doesn't do much. The feuding and bullying detract from whatever kind of artist she wants to present herself as. You, my dear, are a class act to not get involved in pettiness. Truth is, if she wasn't so insecure she wouldn't have to put on such a cruel facade. If you want to get into details, I noticed she now has a "Twilight" video. You already did that. She has a new character with a New York accent. You have the Jack & Coke Lady. You've been a singer and performer all your life. She is now suddenly a "singer" as well. But we wouldn't want to get into all that now, would we? Keep doing what you do best and those intimidated by your creating will just have to find a way to move on and find their own path.