Jul 6, 2009

sneak peek "White Trash Glam"

Sunday, July 5 I filmed my third Ford Fiesta mission video. This month is style & design.
I was already booked on a shoot and asked if we could bring along the car for some shots and combine our projects.

The footage turned out great and I'm hoping to post it before the July 28 deadline, but I leave for NYC tomorrow through the rest of the week so we'll see.

The real pictures will be amazing, and in the meantime enjoy this sneek peak!

Their concept was "White Trash Glam": Married to the Mob meets My Name is Earl.
Styling / makeup: Amber Woody
Photographer: Doug Carter
Special thanks: Nikki (hair), Rebecca (model), Chad (assistant)


Jul 3, 2009

Clean it out, bitches!

At the risk of sounding like I have oodles of money and live a lavish life when I say I have a ton of clothes, the fact of the matter is, I have a ton of clothes.

I. Mean. A. Ton.

Two overflowing closets upstairs, a jam packed dresser in one room, multiple drawers stuffed in another, and then there's my "costume" closet in the garage.

The truth is, I just don't throw anything away. Stacy & Clinton would be upset that I have such "emotional attachment" to my clothing...I mean, I have stuff I wore in jr. freaking high. We're talking 9th grade, bitches.

It's just that I find every time I throw something out I want it again!

But lately I've been doing a lot of shopping. A. Lot. How can I do this? FOREVER 21. I'm in love. I'm obsessed. Everything is cheap and since I'm a fickle one I don't feel bad buying a new dress I might only wear twice. It was $20.

My poor husband, on the other hand, has to live with my clothes piles strewn about, my new purchases coming in & nothing going out...in fact the other day the bar the clothes hang on in one of the closets actually broke!

It was time to *gulp* clean them out.

So we did. Piles of clothes to get rid of. I couldn't have done it without him. His occasional "Ugly Betty would wear this". Or telling me that he was going to put a certain jacket away in the "costume closet" until I was going to "make that clown video" or "learn to flamenco dance". You have to know that this is all in good fun and had me laughing my ass off.

Can I just tell you how many designer jeans got the boot? I went through the phase three years ago or so where all my jeans had to be true religion, sevens, rock & republic, you name it I had it. And yes, I bough the $315 pair of Victori Beckhams. Now, I'm much more into tights and flowy dresses and tops. These jeans are out, if I want new ones I'll buy them later and probably not for that much money. A little silly, no?

I took them to a place that I won't mention (Platos Closet) and I certainly couldn't tell you the location (Draper, UT) to see what they could do for me. I've never sold clothes like this before but with impending traveling I could use some extra cash.

After they looked through my stuff and called me up, she could only offer me $109 for about 1/4 of what I'd brought in. I said sure...but as she was writing my check I started feeling anxiety over my Victoria Beckhams. I asked her how much they were paying for those alone.

Girl: $20
Me: WHAT?!
Girl: That's what we can offer for this designer.
Me: OMG! Then...I'll just hang on to these.
Girl: *WORLDS LOUDEST SIGH* Next time you need to tell me first before I write the check.
Me: *Silent but thinks how there won't be a next time*

Oh and by the way? Her name was Shalese.

In the end, this was a very big step for me to clean out my closets. To realize I can survive it and it's a good thing to have more space. As much as I think I'll want something again...deep down I know it will just sit another three years and never get worn.

I lived through it. I can get rid of clothing.

But there is nothing wrong with emotional attachment...in small doses, right?
Just one teeny tiny pair of overpriced VB jeans tucked away that I just want to look at from time to time?

Baby steps.

And in another few years if I do sell again...I don't think I'll be going back to *WORLDS LOUDEST SIGH* Shalese.

xo Deena

Jul 2, 2009

Oh Joel!

Dear Joel McHale...

I think you're real dreamy. And I sure liked sitting on the fourth row when you did stand up. If I wasn't married...and you weren't married...and I somehow met you...and didn't come off like I was a creepy stalker? I'm pretty sure you'd totally dig me.