Sep 11, 2013

I left my world...

Poetry is the most magical, comforting, teacher I have.  Through words that bleed emotion I learn who I am, and that even when I am positive I am the only person to go through such trials and tribulations and that no one else could possibly have a life like mine, I learn that I'm not.  And that is everything.  I can crack open, and let my emotions bleed along with the words when I'm not yet ready or able to use my own. 

I left my world
to be with you
I had to escape
without telling anyone.

I know I left broken hearts
and I suffered for that
but nothing compares
with the suffering of being away
from you.

Today everything is happiness.

Being with you
in different cities
where nobody knows us
and forget our

Walk in the woods
enjoying the sun
the rain
the wind
and the snow.

Today everything is happiness.

-Axel Marazzi

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Sep 1, 2013

A bit of beauty

I want to give you a bit of beauty.
I can't yet give you words.
So I'd like for you to hold out your hands, and close your eyes.
I'd like you to take this from me.  It will not make me have less.
I want you to share with me this in between,
caught in the middle of the end of summer and the start of fall.
I want you to feel how heavy it is.  How tangible.

Feel how full I am? I want you to feel full, too.

This spring startled me into my existence.
My truth came for me in an unexpected hour.
I don't know how to say goodbye to you, summer.
I am greedy.  I can't get enough to store up, to savor.

Do you feel this? Love? 

I am so full of it it hurts.  I am so filled I want to cry.
It is the most beautiful kind of pain.
I want to give you a bit of beauty.
Starstuff, heartache, melancholia, nostalgia, gratitude, love.
Magnified, imortalized.
Take this bit of beauty.
I'll have words another day.