Sep 28, 2010

The Dentist drama. I lived to blog about it.

Before (top) & after (bottom)
Difference is subtle but seriously amazing and even better than what I'd hoped!

So. I've had a teeny tiny chip in one of my front teeth for years. I don't know when or how I got it, it's just always been there. I didn't think too much about it. At one point, ten years ago, I had it filled. I was told it would fall out eventually and I'd have to keep getting it filled. Before I knew it, a decade had gone by and of course at some point it had fallen out. Who knows when or how. Around the time I had it filled, my dentist at the time mentioned how my gums come down a little too low on the teeth on either side of my two front teeth. He said we could raise it up but that scared me and I never thought about it again. My chip & my gums were never that big of a deal to me.

The last few years is when I started to do more photo shoots and see myself on film more than I ever had...and that's when I started to notice both. It looked like one tooth was longer than the other. It looked like the two with the low gums were almost circular shaped and made my overall smile look a little uneven. I decided to look into, gulp, laser gum contouring. The idea really freaked me out, and grossed me out, but I found a dentist with a good rep in town and went in for a consultation. He told me my bone was in the way, we'd never be able to raise my gums high enough to look how I want, how he would recommend veneers. This would also require a surgery from a periodontist to REMOVE BONE. about NO! He kept trying to sell me on it (no, really SELL $$$$ me on it) and told me even if we just fixed the gums it would only take me 25% to the look I wanted and I'd need those veneers.

HOLD UP. I paid my dues, braces when I was 12, I have basically good teeth, I do like my smile. I don't want to bust it all out and get veneers. Maybe some day in the FAR off future but not now. Again, $$$$ and BONE SURGERY?! No way, jose. I left feeling so dejected, that I'd never get my teeth fixed up. In fact I may or may not have cried a little. But then I started to get mad. I clearly don't need all that nonsense. He tried to swindle me!

So I got a second opinion. This guy did bring up veneers in the consultation but flat out told me how pricey it was and that laser gum and shaving/contouring the bottoms of my teeth (rather than filling in a chip that would always fall out) would definitely buy me time. That we could make them appear longer, raise them up, make them look better. So I went with the new guy. I just got home from getting all the dental work. Shaving, contouring, laser gum. Easy. Scary as hell, but much easier than I thought. And guess what? It turned out even BETTER than I thought it could. I love it. He did a fantastic job! Moral of the story, if you know what you want, DON'T let someone talk you into something else. And ALWAYS get a second opinion!!! The dentist ain't so bad, folks!

Sep 27, 2010

I AM: 50 things challenge

Just uploaded a new video to my main channel.

Yes, this video is very different than my comedic parodies you're used to!

Had a new idea & wanted to try it out. I came up with this idea, at first, from putting myself out there on the internet and being known to my viewers as only a youtuber or comedian. In my "real life" I'm known as a dramatic actress and a model in various circles of friends and those that I work with. I don't consider myself only ONE of these things. I want all my worlds to know that I'm more than just one thing...I'm FIFTY different things. Then I realized, this doesn't stop at just youtubers, or entertainers. It's EVERYONE! We are all real people with feelings and lives and families. We often forget that about each other and therefore treat one another poorly...or unequal. One person is not better than another. When you talk badly to someone/about someone, that person is someones daughter, son, wife, husband, mom, dad, etc. How would you like any of your friends or family to be treated poorly? I challenge you to make your video response to my video! Doesn't have to be fancy, do it however you like. Spread the word! Get your family & friends in on it! It's about what we ARE (not what we're NOT, only POSITIVITY here) and WHO we are. Get to it!

Thanks for watching & don't forget to subscribe!

Sep 26, 2010

What makeup can do

Crazy how makeup and hair can transform a person, isn't it!
Made up last night, lounging today. A girl must have it both ways!

Sep 6, 2010

Booze, Lions & Elephants...oh my

Boy have I bounced back with a vengeance! Now that my face is back to normal (see last blog) I've been trying to have the summer adventures I didn't have. Even if it is September. Being busy all summer was awesome, but now I need my play time.

Dinner with some of our favorite friends and my favorite peach beer.

Taking my sweetheart on a date in Park City to thank him for taking care of me while I was sick at this sushi place (he loves sushi, but we all know "if it comes from the sea it ain't going in me") that has the best cucumber salad and teriyaki chicken. Going to three bars after. I don't condone irresponsible drinking kids, but...I was proud. I never party like I did in my NYC days but I gotta brag for a second and say I've still got it. 7 delicious beverages. Saketini, pomegranate martini, vodka tonic, vodka tonic, stella, long island, stella.

Lion King. The first musical I ever saw on Broadway a zillion years ago. A delicious dinner and martini. Or two. Just two!

The Zoo! I met the new baby girl elephant, Zuri! I planned all along that she'd becoming home with me...somehow. It didn't happen, but boy am I glad I got to see her. I watched her for a long time. What a clumsy baby. I just wanted to pet and hug her. The Zoo is a pain in the ass. Strollers everywhere, people stopping suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk. Kids pushing. Too much yelling even in the "keep quiet" rooms. Ladies changing baby diapers on the tables where people eat. No wonder I hadn't been there in 10 years! It was nice to go though, loving animals as much as I do. The orangutang's and the tiger were my other fav's.

What other adventures will this free time hold?

All I know is more, please!