Mar 8, 2010

Life is beautiful

This is part II to the blog just before the last one.
There are many, many exciting this going on right now! Now I can fully tell you, in detail, what's been happening!

I am truly lucky this year. I am in rehearsals for a one night staged reading of "Stumped" that we'll be performing on wednesday. Next week I begin rehearsals for the world premiere of "Amerigo" and I'll be playing Sor Juana. If you don't know who she is, google her. I cannot believe I get to portray someone so profound, so smart, so important. It's truly an honor. May 1st I'll be performing in a one night only benefit "Banned/Slammed" and in May, I'll start rehearsals for "Hair". Just typing that chokes me up. I get to play Sheila. It's been a dream show and role for five years now.

I know what a fickle mistress this business is and I relish each and every moment a golden opportunity comes my way. I truly know and appreciate it more than anyone will ever know. The fact that I have gotten to and WILL get to check so many dream roles off my list in my life blows my mind. Absolutely. Blows. My. Mind.

I am so full of passion about what I do sometimes I feel like I could burst. I want to cry, to scream it from the rooftops. I always have been and always will be in love with the stage, first and foremost. It is my home, it is my calling, it is what's right for me...where I feel the most beautiful and the most confident. What I crave and where I get to dress up, play pretend and escape awhile. Where I get my emotion out. Where I get a chance to tell a story to others and perhaps have the kind of affect on a person or two that seeing theatre had on me when I was little. A chance to leave a mark. To change a life. It's what gets me. Down to my bones.

Because of theatre, I met the man of my dreams and still cant wrap my head around the fact we get to do what we love together...

Four years ago I played Kate Keller in "Miracle Worker" and this exchange has been in my head ever since:
Captain: Katie, how many times can you let them break your heart?
Kate: Any number of times

Through a zillion rejections, not getting cast (when I was just certain of it and yet knowing much better than to never assume) I still believe that "any number of times" is worth it for the times when you do get it.

It's the most important, most precious way I could ever hope to spend my time and energy.

*Whew* And that's me :)

In other super duper exciting news... I get to shoot my first centerfold in a pinup magazine next sunday! I'm dying... I'm shooting with a brilliant photographer in an amazing dress with a 1932 black roadster with a red interior.

I'm just truly grateful to everyone who is reading this, who's supported me, believed in me, been kind to me and taken a chance on me. That's all I want to say...


Me <3

Mar 1, 2010

The Animal Game

So sometimes late at night my sweetheart and I play this game we made up where one picks an animal and the other guesses what they are by asking questions. Maybe we play it too late when we are far too tired because this happens:

Me: You live underwater
Him: Am I a kitty?

Me: Am I mammal, bird, insect or beast?

Him: You're a bird, you're big and you don't fly
Me: An Ostrich
Him: OMG! How'd you figure that out so fast?!
Me: You said I was a bird, big and didn't fly.