May 30, 2009

My mom is cooler than your mom!

When I kidnapped my mom for my first ford fiesta mission video, we took her to Saltaire, The Momen Tree and the Salt Flats.  We ended up with nearly 40 minutes of footage...which was real hard to cut down to 5.  So we made the behind the scenes video: uncut, what you didn't see! So check it, yo! 

Oh, and guess what! This I've picked my second ford fiesta mission video for technology month.  My mission? "THE SKY'S THE LIMIT".  Chose items from SkyMall to use and review!

Jealous? Thought so! 

xo Deena

May 29, 2009


It's hard to have the worlds thickest skin at all times.  
Really fucking hard.  I'm just a person, like anyone else. 

May 21, 2009

fiestamovement mission #1 Complete!

Finally, I can reveal the long awaited, highly anticipated "YO MAMA: Kidnap your mom and take her someplace she's never been!" That was my first mission for the fiestamovement! I could tell you how it went...or you could just see for yourself! :)

Official Agent Page

Behind the scenes photos

Tell me what you think!

Deena Marie

May 20, 2009

It's almost OPENING!

Pic above is from filming my first mission for ford fiesta, 
details coming soon!
All pics having to do w/ford can be found at

Opening night of "Infantry Monologues" is almost here! 

Final dress tonight, preview tomorrow & opening friday! I'm so excited! As always, going through the rehearsal process you have moments of love, hate, frustration, etc.  By the end, it always comes together and you wonder what you'd been so worried about.  It's a hell of a role.  I've always said I've wanted every acting experience possible.  I've been lucky to be able to keep checking things off my list.  This is the closest thing I've done to a one woman show.  Nearly four minutes of me, all me.  It's amazing how fast it goes by! Sure doesn't feel like 40 minutes! When I walk off stage it is such a rush! I'm sweating, I'm emotional, I feel like I've run a marathon.  

This kind of show is definitely an experience that doesn't happen very often.  I want to relish every minute of it.

Deena Maire

May 14, 2009

Miss California is a douche!

Look! One of the pics from last weeks shoot is here! I LOVE IT! Cheney Photography.
Now if only I could look like that all day every day! ;)

Have you seen the latest YT video? Shot, edited & uploaded yesterday.  It's on the autoplay at  

Been wanting to do a parody of Miss Cali, Carrie Prejean for awhile.  As soon as those "risque" pics of her on the beach in black bikini bottoms & little black vest popped up I knew I had my spoof worthy material.  Looks to me like she's blatantly posing, looking right at the camera as her vest is open, showing a boob.  She claims the "wind blew it open" and did not know the photographer was taking her picture and can't believe a professional photographer would leak this unauthorized picture, blah blah.  

Last night, I got some crazy ass grown man leaving hateful comment towards me after hateful comment.  Deena bashing, gay bashing, you name it.  What the mother fuck?! In my video, I am clearly making fun of her photo shoot.  I think she absolutely knew her picture was being taken and I didn't think she had any reason to deny it.  She's hot! Tell the pageant bitches hell yes I posed for it, so what?! Please, I have nothing against posing semi nude or nude for that matter.  Whatever floats your boat. If you got it, flaunt it.  

But since all these creepy fucking guys got all crazy on me, talking about my 'morals', and how dare I make this video, since she had the right to voice her opinion, and bringing up the president and rights etc. let me tell you my stance, losers.  I NEVER SAID SHE WAS WRONG TO VOICE WHATEVER OPINION SHE HAS, this is fucking America! 

Now with that said, of COURSE I don't agree with WHAT she said.  I think it's back ass wards.  I absolutely one hundred million trillion percent believe in equal rights.  I could care less about pageants, Donald Trump, weather or not she keeps her crown, blah blah. 

So good lord.  It's a minute long youtube video about a photo shoot.  If you're so offended you have to leave me 800 comments you're a creep and you need a life.  And when you're some old dude leaving them? Then that gets into scary harassment territory.  So fuck off.  

I'll create what I want, when I want, how I want.  Get over it.  

If I worried about what may or may not offend someone before I make a video, or a decision, or live my life, nothing would ever get done! It's just like the little twilight fan girls hating on my Twilight Parody, or weirdos sticking up for Nadya Suleman on the Octomom vid, etc. 

Geez louise people are Crazy with a capitol C.

That's all! xo


May 8, 2009

woa, nelly!

MAY is BUSY! When it rains it pours.

This week I started rehearsals, was assigned my first ford fiesta mission,

had a six hour photo shoot with three different looks.

Rehearsals are intense, the time is so short, and there is so much to do.   I tend to fall off the face of the earth when rehearsing / performing so you've been warned.  Playing an army chick again.  If you'd have told me I'd ever even be considered to play something like that a few years ago, I never would have believed it.  This one is trickier than the last.  Now my character is IN the army as opposed to just out.  All that gear! Oh my lord! :) My official ford agent page is up so take a look and see what fabulous / hilarious mission I've picked.  He he he.  It's perfect. The shoot started out with a very high fashion, sophistacated look to a funky glam rock to swimsuit.  I can't wait to see the results.  That's it.  I actually have a few hours this morning to get things done.  So peace, I'm out!

xo me

May 3, 2009

A lot of things

First: I made a flickr account that will be devoted (for the next 6 months) to the ford fiesta movement.  Keep an eye on it from time to time!  I've just uploaded the Denver, Colorado training pictures.  The suite, the swag, the racetrack and the car! 

Yesterday I watched a marathon of "Real Housewives of New York".  Why didn't anyone tell me it's like the most captivating show ever?  No, really.  Who ARE these women?! They all seem to be friends...who hate eachother.  Why do they have so much money that dropping $16,000 on a new bag as well as being surprised with a new car for their birthday is nothing to bat an eyelash over? How does Bethenney (who I am in love with) keep such a down to earth attitude when, at least to me, she has got it all and then some! They lead such comfortable, glamorous lives what with private fashion shows, endless fashion week invites and magazine covers.  Am I in the wrong business here?!

I went on another 'Deena learns to drive a stick shift' lesson today.  It went the best it's gone so far...but still not ready to go on my own!  Still tricky to remember to do so many things at once.  Doesn't help that I'm super preoccupied with rehearsals about to start.  

I'll be in rehearsals the next two weeks, performing the two after that.  Wish me luck.  

Tuesday I have a photoshoot.  Super high fashion with a very talented photographer.   Can't wait. 

One last thing.  Who's watching 90210? It sucks.  Hard.  Real real real bad.  The worst thing I've ever seen.  Yet I tivo it every week.  It's so terrible that I can't look away.  The writing is HILARIOUS! So if you're not watching it, I suggest you start.  Now.