Sep 13, 2011

Missoni for Target

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9/14/2011 This just in! I went back to Target and was able to grab the last of it. The site is mostly out of stock! Finally got some items in accessories, beauty and more womens clothing. Now I think I've got more than enough. I've listed five amazing sold out items on Ebay! Find me there under shopdeenamarie and bid or share the links with your family / friends who might want it! Thanks!

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I. Love. Missoni.

Somehow I only found out that Missoni for Target was coming today...late last night! Great, I thought. I'll go! I started getting ready around 10 am, thinking if I got there by even 11 that would be plenty of time. Uh...BARELY!

I walked in to nearly empty racks. Ladies hovering around as an employee was trying to hang up the few things that were left. She could hardly put anything on the rack without it being grabbed immediately. Some of these ladies already had carts full of the stuff. I managed to grab a few pieces to try on.

I went to accessories next only to see that all that was left was a single scarf.

There were shoes that I liked, but ultimately decided to pass on those.

The sleepwear was great, and I'm surprised more of it wasn't gone.

As I checked out, the cashier said they'd opened at 8 and people had waited outside! Oh!

I went to another target, this time starting at accessories. There was one item again. A pair of gloves and they were beautiful. My mom bought them! We looked at the home goods and I bought a mug for her and a pair of martini glasses for me.

We went to the mens department and they still had a couple of great cardigans and scarfs left. I grabbed a cardigan for my sweetheart and we headed over to the womens. Even less!

I'm happy I got what I did! I didn't expect people to go so crazy for it in SLC, who knew?

It was the line I was most excited to hear was coming to Target & apparently I'm not the only one.

The Target site has been down all day, so I decided to check ebay and there are already tons of items up...and selling for much more than I just paid for them at the store. I had a split second of considering putting them up there...but I couldn't bear to part with them.

My first Missoni pieces! It's a big day :)

My new sweater skirt:

My sweater. This is my fav:

Missoni Martini:

Men's Missoni:

Gloves my mom got:

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