Feb 7, 2011

No way!

Sometimes cool things happen. You know, unreal, crazily perfect timed things that make me take a step back and wonder how in the world...?

Last week was one of the hardest and greatest weeks. Nonstop monday through sunday with the show. Final dress rehearsal monday, previews tuesday - thursday with opening on friday. A show on saturday with a two show day sunday.

This play is hard. Really, really, really, hard and just as amazing. The structure is so different, my two scenes are almost the bulk of the play, with the first one running over 40 minutes alone. The material is so heavy. But with funny moments and beautiful poetry, it's hard to even try to do it justice when "explaining". But it's pure magic.

Friday's opening was wonderful. My sweetheart though it was the best opening he'd ever seen. I get the impression people are really enjoying it. I've yet to read any kind of review, and won't until we've been closed awhile. But the bits of feedback I hear are great. This one has taken all of me. I've basically been in hibernation since we started rehearsals, knowing I wouldn't have the brain space or energy for much else. I was right.

So opening day came and happened to be the same day I was in two full pages of a national magazine. Every model dreams of that! It's "Pregnancy & Newborn" magazine february 2011. There are three pics, and of the three two are full pages. It's so surreal to see my face in a magazine like that. I can't believe it! It very well may be the first and the last time, so I'm going to enjoy how crazy this is! It's also really funny to me, my "sexy" pics accompany an article about mojo ha ha ha.

What timing. With the ups and downs of this business and life itself, I almost couldn't believe what a day friday was. What timing, that's all I can say.

The rest of the week went great, with the show. Now two much needed days off to be with my family and start seeing my friends again, and then wednesday we're back at it.

I know the next three weeks of the show will go fast. We know we are part of something very special, very big. These moments and experience are fleeting, and are to be savored! So lucky, so grateful. So, so, grateful!

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