Feb 17, 2011

The Love/Hate Technology relationship.

I have had a lot of trouble with my phone. I'm phone clumsy. Phone cursed. They always break on me. Sure I've dropped them...once...or twice. My current phone's the WORST it's been by far the most sensitive. Lately the screen goes black. The charge isn't the problem, the battery isn't the problem. Usually I turn it off, pop out the battery and memory card, but it back together, reboot and whala! Not such luck last night. All I did was SET IT DOWN and it went black. It's been black ever since. I can hear people texting or calling and I have no idea who it is, what it says and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! I checked it first thing this morning, hoping for a miracle. The next thing I did was hop out of bed to facebook for the second time that I was still phoneless. We don't have a landline. Does anyone have a landline? Being phone - less is killing me.

I don't even want to think about what would happen if I was computer-less. I check my facebook, twitter, email and other various sites all throughout the day.

Sometimes I'm blown away at how I ever lived without all of this. In a good AND a bad way. Life was so much easier without all this nonsense. What's the point? Really? Sure I was able to build a name for myself. I was able to build a fanbase and entertain via the internet and only post the snippets of my life I wanted to. But then there's the other side.

Why are we so addicted to it? Why DO we have to check our sites 8 million times a day? What will happen if I don't? I'll stress, I'll tell you that. I didn't always live this way. I think to myself, THANK GOODNESS it wasn't this way when I was little. I played outside. I played dress up. I played barbies. I talked to friends on a LANDLINE or IN PERSON.

It's only going to get more and more so. What will it be like to raise a baby in THIS kind of world? And what will the healthy balance be between a kid now wanting to fit in and having no life OTHER than social media?

Anyone out there got the answers? I don't!

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