Feb 22, 2011

Now what?

And just like that, here we are.

"The Persian Quarter" is nearing the end. We're about to embark on the final week. Starting tomorrow, running through sunday and that's a wrap. The last week is always different. You go back to how you felt in the beginning. The love returns, the exhaustion leaves and you don't want to say goodbye. You realize all over again how lucky you are, how lucky you've been, how much you love what you do, how special this moment is and how much you'll miss your cast.

This one ranks a little higher on the magic meter. It's been quite a time. It's a rare one, loved by those who see it and talked about quite a bit. It's been kind of...well...a big deal.

It's been a year for me. A year since I was asked to do the reading. That led to the phone call to make sure I was interested and available to audition, and available during the rehearsals and run. This led to the call I was cast, to reading with the potential other women who would play opposite me.

It was always meant to be.

It's the straight play version of when we did "Tommy". After learning the hardest musical score of my life, I felt like I could do anything. We will all come out on the other end of "The Persian Quarter" marathon runners.

I've lived my life for "The Persian Quarter" (and for that alone) for the last two months. I had to, it could not have been any other way.

A few blogs ago I talked once again about why I act, what it means to me right now vs what it meant to me a decade ago. Even five years ago. I take away from this, right now...that acting is the one time when I'm able to and forced to live in the moment. That's a good thing for me. Two quotes I came across from two fellow actors in the last few weeks seemed specific to me for this one:

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Acting is happy agony.

The first let me walk onto the stage with a little more security, the second let me feel okay with the way I felt about this particular piece.

People asked me along the way if I was having fun, if I was loving this. Those aren't quite the right words...but I'm not sure how to describe this one.

Passion, poetry, scary, impossible, strength, joy, conquer, explosion are words that all come to mind.

Now that it's over comes the now what?

March will hold a couple of little projects. A reading, photo shoots and play time. Time to see my friends, go out and do things ending with my birthday in Vegas.

After that?

Big changes. Really big and amazing changes. The problem is...I can't tell you what because I don't know!

There are a few things I'm waiting to hear on. This will dictate what happens with my life for the next few months.

I should know soon. In the meantime I can only try my hardest to be patient and wait to see what direction these winds of change take me...



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