Apr 6, 2015

Getting older.


I never expected to be saying this, but I LOVE getting older. I recently had a birthday, and it was one of the best I've had. I look better than I ever have, and I attribute it to being so much more together internally. I know myself. I have wisdom. I have experience. I have insight. I have no fear. I follow my heart and I am in tune with my truth. I know just what I want. I know what I will accept, and what I won't allow. I know what I still have to learn, and where I want to invest my time and energy.  I've been wanting to put together a little list of what I love about getting older for awhile.  After a conversation with one of my best friends last week, I was inspired to do it.

~You know how to accept a compliment. How to accept it genuinely, and leave it at that.
~You don't feel guilty for saying no, and you are getting better at not having to explain your reasons.
~You understand that stressing out about five or even ten pounds (be it overweight, or underweight) is trivial. You've lived enough life to experience real trauma, real heartache, and it's given you a deeper appreciation for life. It's all about health. Your well being physically, emotionally, and mentally.
~You know yourself so much more. You're done with self consciousness and uncertainty.
~You no longer care what others think about you. Your wisdom has taught you that when someone judges, it's truly all about them and their perceptions.
~You are much more stable emotionally, because you don't have a desire to let drama into your life, or to create it.
~ You are calmer. You've survived the angst. The chaos. The growing pains.
~ You accept and embrace being open to life. You've learned time and time again that setting a rigid path for your life is small, and limiting.  That life always has a better idea for you in store.
~ You get braver every year. The more you get to know yourself, and what's true for you, the less time you're willing to waste forcing a fit or making yourself stay somewhere because it's an old version of what you once wanted. The only option is to grow.
~ You love the growth.
~ You understand that your imperfections are perfection. You are a one of a kind living breathing creature existing right now in space and time on planet earth.  Aren't you lucky! I read somewhere recently, "just to breathe is enough".  You're starting to get it.
~ You see the stark difference between the way you live in self absorption in your youth, and how you now long for the experiences that take you outside of yourself. You relish in this difference. It's real.
~You only have time for what's real, and authentic.
~ You don't feel a need to be anything other than what you are. No facades, no elaborating. You are who you are, and you know it's enough.

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Deena Marie


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  2. Deena, thank you for sharing this...I hope to one day feel all of these things that you are experiencing with getting older. I sometimes feel I've found it, then sometimes it feels like I've lost it completely and that I'm a child stuck in an adult sized body. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks...love you hippie! :)