Apr 16, 2015

Saying yes.

I came across the above picture a couple of years ago now.  A friend of mine, Paul Duane, posted this along with many others on his blog after his first experience at Burning Man. That post of his affected me deeply. I still thinking about it and re visit it. While at Burning Man Paul asked, "Imagine that I handed you a microphone; when you speak into it, the whole world can understand and hear you at the same time. You can make 3 statements. What would you say?" 

So many of the words and phrases that these people shared inspired me. I still get chills when I scroll through. I find that different ones speak to me, depending on what I've learned, and what I'm going through. However, the one above remains my favorite.

1.) The more people you meet, the more you learn about yourself. 
2.) Before you have an opinion about something, you must experience that thing.
3.) If you say no, your reason for saying no must be better than the reason for saying yes.

I use these on a regular basis. The other day I found that I needed to reminded myself of #3. It's true that if it scares you, you should probably do it. Most of the time when I (and I'm going to bet you) say no, it's because of fear. When you check in and honestly find that the answer is "because I'm scared", you know it's time to be brave and say yes.

The fact that this strangers words have been with me and helped me for nearly two years now is pretty cool, isn't it? We impact other people more than we think. We all guide each other. Share your words, experiences, and stories. You never know who you're helping.

I thought I'd pass this on. Keep passing on.

Thank you, stranger. Thank you, Paul.

What 3 statements would you make?

Thanks for reading,

Deena Marie


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