Oct 14, 2012

Week two. NYC #5

Week Two.

Sunday Oct 7
One more day in the city with Kara.  We had dinner at Chelsea Market.  The spot I had lunch nearly everyday I was a student at Atlantic.  I always make a trip to Chelsea Tai for my favorite pad tai.  This time it wasn't as good as I remembered it.  Still, it was so great to have a little more time with her.  There wasn't nearly enough of it.

Monday Oct 8
Shakespeare class #2 with Seth Barrish of the Barrow Group.  We'll be moving from monologues to scenes in another week, and I'm so happy I'll get to work with David Spencer! That night Tyrel, John and I went to "Sleep no More".  This can't be explained.  You just need to experience it.  So weird.  So cool.  When we came out to the bar after, Emma Watson was sitting next to us.  We drank champagne, then went for a late night pizza.

Tuesday Oct 9 
I went to Shakespeare Forum for the first time.  I couldn't believe what a positive, supportive environment it was.  It was one of the few examples I've ever seen of truly constructive criticism.  I'll definitely be going back.

Wednesday Oct 10

My friend Natalie from SLC was in town visiting her sister who's just had a baby.  I met them all for lunch and I'm happy to report I finally got some killer pad tai from Republic by union square.  New favorite.

In the evening I had rehearsal for John's upcoming cabaret with the accompanist.

Thursday Oct 11
I hadn't been to Brooklyn in a zillion years until I had to go for an audition and I didn't get lost! That night I saw "Once".  I had really been looking forward to it and I hate to say it but I came away pretty disappointed.  I saw not the understudy, but the standby for Girl.  I think a lot of things were lost during this particular show, and I was bummed I'd spent that much money on a ticket for what I saw.  I wish I could have a do over! I definitely didn't see the show.

Friday Oct 12
Went to a production of "Pericles" with Animus Theatre Company.  I love getting the chance to see things I would never get to see at home.  I can't get enough.

Saturday Oct 13
This was the day of the all day classical intensive workshop at Red Bull Theater.  I'd really been looking forward to this.  The day was broken down into text work with Liz Smith, acting with Matt Rauch and a mock audition for artistic director Jesse Berger.  For my blog, I'm just focusing on a run down of the week, and for professional purposes I'll be leaving out all details of my classes.  I'm happy to tell you more via conversation, though! I will say that this day was absolutely magical.  I really needed it.  In all aspects.  I left on a high.  Met John at my favorite mexican restaurant (yes, I'm trying to go once a week) and then we met his friend Jill for a drink at Art Bar.  

And as always, missing my family:

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