Oct 6, 2012

NYC - #2

I have definitely settled in since my last entry.  In fact, it happened right after I wrote and posted...as it often does.  It also didn't hurt that after writing I went to one of my favorite parts of the city with some of my favorite people for good food and a night out on the town.

Since then, the magic has been back and I've relaxed.  It took a couple days to adjust to the whirlwind of leaving/starting but I'm on top of it now.

There are so many little stories and details of each day I want to write and I've decided that while I'll be updating along the way, at the end of each week on Sunday night I'll do a quick rundown of what I did that week and bits of the adventures that have happened.  This will be great for me to have a place to store it and see it whenever I want in the future, and for friends and family to read what I'm up to.

I'm excited to tell you more tomorrow...

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