Oct 7, 2012

Week one. NYC - #3

Week one.

Sunday Sept. 30
On just a few hours sleep after closing "The Winter's Tale" on a two show day, I was off to the airport.  I felt like a zombie.  As we were landing (and I was opening my eyes) in Houston where I had a layover the lady next to me started to gently elbowing me.  "You was so sleeping!" She says.  Then tries to explain if I hadn't been, I could have had a drink.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty as we were coming in choked me up.  I was trying to get pictures out the window, but they weren't turning out.  "Is this your first time here?" Asked the lady next to me.

John & Jared taking me in as a temporary roommate is the ideal situation.  I love them and they are making me feel so welcome and comfortable.  My room is so cozy and the apartment is great.
We had a toast, ordered pizza and caught up.

Monday Oct. 1 
First day of Shakespeare with The Barrow Group.  As I was sitting in the lobby I began to get nervous.  I started wishing I had a friend in class with me.  I was still feeling out of sorts with how sudden and overwhelming everything was since closing a show and arriving in NYC.  At that moment, in walked David Spencer. David I knew from the theatre community back home, he moved to NYC several years ago.  What are the odds? The world is so big and small.  I felt a relief wash over me.

I was the first to volunteer with a monologue.  We got to spend a good chunk of time on it.  Nothing like a NYC acting class to make me feel like I know absolutely nothing.  I keep reminding myself to stay open, and that I'm here to learn things I didn't know.  It's okay to not know.  The perfectionist in me struggles with that one.

I always have my headshots printed and sent from Reproductions.  This time I was able to go right to the office to get them.

I met up with Scotty and Tyrel, two more friends from home who recently moved here for lunch and a trip to the Disney store after.

That night John, Jared and I went to Under St. Marks to see Folsom Prison Shots presented by aMios.  It's similar to an event like SLAM with Plan - B, except they have two weeks to prepare.

Tuesday Oct. 2 
I woke up bummed out, wiped out, and over it.  I wanted to be home in my own bed.  I wanted to do absolutely nothing.  I wanted to catch up on sleep and have the comfort of my sweetheart and pets.  I walked to Target, not realizing how far it was.  When I got there I bought too many groceries for not having a cart with me and a downpour had started outside.  Walking home with heavy bags soaking wet was not fun.  I was ready to call it quits.  Once I was back home and gave myself a lazy day I started to feel a little better.  John and I watched tv and I stayed inside the rest of the day, hoping to give myself time to reset and get in a better mindset.

Wednesday Oct. 3
I had an audition for "The Crucible".  I paid my upcoming November equity dues at the AEA center and got my new card.  So funny to be doing these things in person.  On the way home I suddenly decided to go into a movie theatre for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".  I loved it.  They really did the book justice.  Then I ran home to change and go back into the city where I met Chrissy, a friend from facebook in person for the first time before heading down to the Atlantic Theater to get a ticket for "Harper Reagan".  While I was paying my mom text me to show me the picture of Chucks headstone that had just come in that day.  Things bottomed out for a minute.  Every time I see it in writing it hits me hard, like proof.

The show was great and the set was one of the coolest things I've seen.  Simple, folding down and sliding away as the play went on to reveal the layers and scenes.

Thursday Oct. 4
Watched some tv with John and got ready to head to the East Village to meet Lauren and Tia.  Two more friends from home who just moved here.  This was the day that things finally started to settle for me and I started to feel good, truly good about being here.  I love the East Village and I purposely took a long walk to meet them.  We ate at Atlas Cafe, which was delicious and being in the area reminded me how much I can and do love NY.  We went to Ella Lounge after to see Lauren's friends' band and then to Bar 82.  So much fun!

Friday Oct 5
Patrick Page was kind enough to message me and offer tickets to the Cyrano matinee for Saturday afternoon.  Cyrano was my first professional show nearly ten years ago.  I had a tiny role and Patrick played Cyrano.  I was very much looking forward to seeing this production.  That started the day off on a great note.  I went to another audition where I read with the playwright and it went really well.  I also had an email for a "Twelfth Night" audition for the next day, so I came home to re-read the play and start preparing my sides.  Using what I learned in class earlier that week made it especially fun.

That night John, Jared and I went to see something called Prelude at CUNY, where Jared is studying.  It was the last night of this festival, and we saw The Return of the Singspeil.  Five short pieces all involving music.  My favorite was the first with two rap battling wizards, one on stage, one on video.

Post show drink at Bettibar.

Saturday Oct. 6
This was a day I was really looking forward to.  It felt like Christmas.  Kara, my good friend who I met at Atlantic years ago was coming to the city and we were going to spend the day together.  It was our ten year anniversary of being here at the same time! We went to Cyrano together and both loved it.  It was everything I love about theatre.  A truly perfect production.  I kept getting chills and choked up.  The beautiful poetry, the grand sets and costumes and wonderful performances.  Just great.  My love for the classical has been rekindled tenfold.

I ran to NYU after where the "Twelfth Night" audition was taking place and it went really well.  There was plenty of time spent, doing the scene three different ways and then a song.  Nothing better than leaving an audition and honestly thinking that it was fun.

Met back up with Kara and we went right to our favorite mexican restaurant where we spent many nights ten years ago.  I always go when I'm in town and I order the same thing.  I ate every last bit of food on my plate.  

We went across the street to the old after school bar next where you can draw on the tables.  Whenever we'd go I'd always draw the two of us and she still has the drawings! I made our ten year anniversary picture.

There was a pet store right next door and we went in for awhile where I held a baby chihuahua.  A little girl.  I named her Sweetpea.  I miss Noodles so bad I can't stand it, so I was really needing to hold a little chi! She was so sweet I could barely give her back.  Isn't she photogenic?

One last night cap at Flute, a favorite bar of mine.  It's amazing how being in the city ten years later can feel like we're picking up where we left off.  Just like riding a bike, Kara said.

I'm feeling lucky and grateful to be able to spend this time here, now.  And coming back to the apartment after a great night last night only to see this in my email makes it me feel it even more so.  In all aspects.  Look what I get to come home to!

My beloved family!

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