Oct 27, 2012

City Ghosts NYC #10

I walked down a street of the city and remembered being there before.
What I wore, who I was with, and what we'd done.
A denim skirt with studs down the sides.  Black boots with heels.  An old boyfriend.  
A scary movie.  The liquor store. 

Another day, an encounter in that very starbucks.
How I reacted.  What I was reading.
Flashing a phony engagement ring to the man trying to talk to me while reading the play, "Prelude to a Kiss".  It's summer.  I live in Brooklyn.  I'm not sure if I'm happy.  I'm in my final weeks of my relationship, but I don't know it yet.

But it's now the time I walked to meet a friend at The Public.
My pink coat.  My short hair.  My brown boots.
Back to the starbucks.
Stopping in a vintage store to look at that jacket for my husband.

Ghosts of myself all over the city.

A few days later, a run in the park.  I ran past an old man.  He smelled familiar.
His familiarity hit me that myself and everyone I know has limited time this lifetime.
I will be eighty.
I'll be moving slow through the park and a previous version of me will run by.

My old ghosts exist with my future ghosts and me, presently.

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  1. This is all something I think about a LOT, but you of course said it so damn well.