Feb 11, 2012

What's on your reading list?

Do you read one book at a time?
I've always got a stack of a few on my beside table.

Do you have a kindle?
I might have to give in one of these days, but for now I can't give up the feel of an actual book.
I usually just order from Amazon but if it's something I need asap I'll go to the closest Barnes & Noble.

There's something about a bookstore, isn't there? So peaceful.
You can concentrate. You can take your time. You can even get things done in a bookstore you can't elsewhere.

What are you currently reading?
Do you discover an author and then read everything they've written one after another, or do you bounce around?
Who are some of your favorites?

My current reading list (as in I'm in various states of almost done & just started):

I'm currently obsessed with Sylvia. I have a few favorite authors that, well, have changed my life with their words. But Sylvia. It's on another level. I've never felt so connected to someone else's words so personally. She truly describes things the way I see, think and feel them. It's jarring, it's wonderful and emotional for me to read her.

I met Arden Leigh in school in NYC. She is probably one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever seen in real life. She just wrote her first book and I was so excited to see what it was all about since I'm a huge fan of her blog. Look her up. Read her stuff. Learn from her. What a wise and strong woman!

I saw this author on "The Talk" and found her and the way she described this book absolutely fascinating. I think all women, and actually men too should read this, no matter what stage of a relationship you're in or hope to be in in the future.

I saw the movie first and decided I needed to read the novel. Better late than never.

This one I've had for years and haven't gotten around to reading. I know, I know. But I figure with a book like this, you'll crack it open at just the time you're truly ready for what it has to teach you.

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  1. Deena, you have turned me on to Plath like a fry on rice. I cannot stop reading about her.... Her life, her work. Everything. Thank you! The Bell Jar is on my list now, and so is the movie made about her.

    Love A New Earth, and Water for Elephants! Both great reads.

  2. Love Sylvia Plath! Love, love, love!