Apr 25, 2011

Let's find out!

Today I'll (hopefully) know if this will really be happening next month.

We'll see. I need a quote from the travel agent and if it fits my budget then I'm there. It's nerve wracking. It's expensive as hell to do this, and kind of unplanned. Well, as in not having planned for months which I normally would have.

The gear is also expensive as hell. The only thing that would hold me back, in this case I'd just go next May, will be the price. I'm going to try to accept whatever the outcome is and figure that's the way it's supposed to be.

Let's go find out!

PS I've received some incredible, personal and supportive inbox messages on my Facebook about this. You never really know who is going to step out of the woodwork, or try to offer advice, or who will relate when you put yourself out and let your vulnerability show. It's not always the people you expect. Life is so interesting. No matter what I will do this, and I do believe what they say, "the Camino starts before you even leave".

Thanks everyone!

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