Nov 1, 2010

I'm not your woman!


What do you like to be called? I've learned I have a strong response to what I am referred to: woman, chick, lady, girl, female, ma'am. Each one is a VERY different response.

There are SO many customer service people (guys) out there who mistakenly think that they should be calling all ladies they help at the store ma'am. Note to you: Do NOT call anyone ma'am who looks like they could be under the age of, oh I dunno...SIXTY! When in doubt?! DON'T!

I don't like to be referred to as a female unless it's on a form to identify my sex. It's so clinical. Or in the way the rap guys do it in their lyrics. It just makes me think of a dog/cat.

I don't like to be called woman unless my husband says it. It sounds old. But when he says it, it sounds hot.

I will take lady if it's coming from another lady. It sounds girlie and fun. Coming from a dude it sounds like you're referring to Betty White.

I prefer chick and girl.

Girl / Boy is what we're raised with and used to and sticks.
Sturdy. Black and white. Accepted and learned since day one.

But for me, Chick is safe and my favorite. Girl or guy can use it. It's all encompassing while not offending. And cute.

I know other ladies will vary in what they like to be called. I think many will disagree with what I feel about woman & chick. But this is what I dig and I'm sticking to it! :)

1 comment:

  1. Chick, I dig your style! True, not every woman may not enjoy being called a chick, but it's sure a hell a lot better than ma'am! I agree with you about chick being safe, not offending and cute!