Nov 4, 2010

First Kiss

Last night we went to a huge art show downtown. We were invited by a friend of my mom & aunts. She painted my pup, Noodles! We were so excited to see the painting in person and have a fun night of food and art. My sweetheart, who'd been so excited to come ended up having a film shoot, so I went with my parents. When I saw huge art show, I mean huge. Several floors, I don't even know how many artists, a ton of food and hundreds of people.

I figured I was bound to run into people I know but it never crossed my mind that I would know another artist there. Especially one who was my first kiss.

It had been a very very very long time since I'd seen him. While we are facebook friends, it's another thing to bump into each other face to face. I had to go say hello.

We ended up chatting a bit. Asking about old mutual friends, careers, significant others. He's also married, with a couple kids who are already 3 and 5. So crazy, surreal and funny.

What I took away from this was:
-How long it had been and how much older we are, though I hate to be so aware of that.
-How tastes change. While he's an attractive man, I'd never look twice at him if he passed me on the street now.
I think it was the circumstances and knowing him to be, in my young girl mind, a "big deal".
-How everything changes yet stays the same.

I ended up going into a happy nostalgic mode for the rest of the night. Coming home and telling my sweetheart all about running into my "first kiss". How it only happened once, he never really liked me. He always had other girlfriends and I pinned away for a good while. How I think of it now as somewhat cute, embarrassing (I'm pretty sure it was the worlds WORST kiss...I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and probably scared him away. In fact, I wanted to apologize!) and really not that big of a deal.

If you think about it, it's kinda cool I got to kiss what was my "dream boy" at the time. Even if it was a terrible kiss?

What's your first kiss story?

As far as the rest of the art show, by the time we came back around to see Noodles painting on our way out, (we had only been there an hour and a half) he was gone! Sold! Someone said he reminded them of their dog and bought it! Ha ha ha! My pup is so famous. He's on someone's living room wall today. I'm such a proud mama!



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  1. Ha Ha, I think you're hilarious Deena! the Jack & Coke Lady 'hello you beautiful bitches!' LOL!

    So I'm commenting again on your blog, as I thought you'd think 'my' first kiss was funny or disturbing, you pick!

    So it's Halloween and me and 3 guy friends from school just happen to go to the same church. We meet up with this girl we know at the church and she wants to trick or treat. She loves guys, so we decide to 'trick or treat'.... so we break into the church youth house and two of them go into a room with the girl. About 10 minutes later, they come out and say it's my turn. I go in and she's just sitting there, so we kiss and I unbutton her jeans and before I know it, they come into the room. They go back in for a while, one guy didn't go in at all. But I was feeling so high.

    My first kiss! So romantic huh?! Then I go home and my Dad is there to tell us all that he's moving out of the house. ha ha Crazy night! I guess that's why I loved music like ozzy osbourne! ;)

    Cheers and have a beautiful day from LA!