Nov 21, 2010

The "Baby Lady"

Comic by Natalie Dee.

Ha ha ha ha! The BABY LADY! It has a NAME!
What a perfect name. You all know what a Baby Lady is.

The Baby Lady must go.

The Baby Lady is a woman of a "certain age" who dresses, talks, behaves, updates her facebook status and posts pictures of herself that are just no longer appropriate.

Come. On. Unless you're Demi Moore, just...don't. Don't do this:

The Baby Lady has long since had her time, yet is still under the impression she's still "got it" and should pose in her skivvies.

Nobody. Wants. To. See. It.

Just say NO to the Baby Lady.

If I ever become one, slap me.

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA! That is HILARIOUS! And disgusting! Oh geez!