Nov 3, 2010

Born in the 80's, child of the 90's

I'm always surprised when I meet people born in the early/mid 80's that claim to identify with the 80's. The movies, the music, the clothes, etc. I was born then and I can tell you for a fact, I was simply too little to remember. I wasn't watching all the now infamous John Cusack and Molly Ringwald movies. In fact, I still haven't seen them. I was watching sesame street and playing with barbies through most of the 80's. You'd have to be a pre-teen/teenager to have truly been impacted by 80's pop culture.

I consider myself a child of the 90's. That's what I remember. Watching the Super Mario Brothers cartoon in the afternoon. Friday was Zelda day, and I've got almost every Zelda episode on VHS. No VCR to play them on, but that is like gold to me!

Growing up a little more and starting to take notice of clothes and music. Nirvana still gets me on the radio.

I must say I secretly dig it when there's a surge of grunge influenced style again.

Doc Martens. Ohhhhh Doc Martens.
I had the coolest pink suede pair you've ever seen in your life. In fact, I think they're still in storage. I need to find them.

Clueless. Now that's a movie to be remembered as a young, impressionable girl. That movie made me quit the Doc's for heels. Heels I secretly bought and hid and wasn't even allowed to wear yet.

I can remember certain classes at school, my wardrobe, my friends, the boys I it was yesterday.

Ahhhhh the 90's. I will always think of them fondly! :)


  1. I was a baby/small child in the early-mid 1980s & I do remember certain things about the time. Like you, most of the stuff I remember really well is in the 90s. That doesn't mean that I don't remember things like early Michael Jackson, Madonna, & the Indian Jones movies. I understand where you're coming from though. Everything for me is certainly more vivid 1988 onward since I was born in December 1982.

  2. i totally know what you mean. i am the same way, i don't remember the 80's at all. i grew up watching mario, playing nintentdo and super nintendo, gameboy, watching saturday morning cartoons, hell i even remember clueless since i grew up surrounded by teen girls. and like RnB said, i really only remember things that happened after i turned 6, which was 1992 for me.