Jun 29, 2010

What will I do?

Week one of "HAIR" is done. Recharging, resting my voice until thursday now. Three weeks left. That's it. Do you know how fast that will go by? I rarely get caught up in the "what will I do post show" anymore. But this time is different. I have a feeling I'm gonna be a little blue. Sure there will be other shows. Things already look *potentially* good. But it's my "HAIR". I want to do it forever. I want to do it for a month after. Two months after. A year! Everything about the show is truly kismet and I am so in love with it I don't know how long it will take me to get over it.

So. I've checked nearly all my dream roles off my to do list. Almost all of them. Let's put some wishes out into the universe, shall we?

1.) Gypsy
I've wanted to play Gypsy for years. Come on, it's perfect. Will someone put this on already?

2.) The Donkey Show
I was THISCLOSE to getting it Off Broadway in NYC. Now it's playing through 2010 at American Rep.
Let's do this here. I'd love to play Tatania, but I'll take about anything.

3.) Romeo & Juliet
Juliet. I'm a chick, what can I say.

4.) Chicago
I'll take Velma or Roxy

5.) Summer and Smoke
Alma. It's been one of my favorite plays since I was in high school.

And...let's throw in a Urinetown, a Jekyll and Hyde, a King and I, I'm sure there's a few more.

Okay universe, work your magic!

Deena Marie xo

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