Jun 16, 2010

Oh, just rehearsing...

If you would have told me ten years ago that I'd grow up to play most of the dream roles I'd wanted to play, to be onstage *knock on wood* regularly, that I'd hear of a musical called "HAIR" one day, fall in love with it from the first time I heard "Flesh Failures" and think to myself, "I'd give anything to play Sheila", wait six years for the opportunity and finally get it, I probably would have passed right out.

Today is June 16th. We open on the 25th.

It happens as it does every time. The first day of rehearsal seems so far away. Then it's here. A week or so in things feel impossible and you wonder why you do this to yourself. A day or two later you're over the hump and you remember that anything is possible. Before you know it you're a week away. Then you'll have a month of performing...and that will be that.

I have a little over a month to live in the world of "HAIR".

This one has really, really got to me. It's different. It's so precious, so special. I've had hardly any other distractions. I haven't split my focus on anything else. I needed to have this experience 100%.

Isn't acting weird? We live for this. For fleeting moments of pure happiness. For total heartbreak when it's over. For the hope of what's next. For falling in love all over again with a new role. It never changes through time. It's what we gave ourselves to years ago, and that's that.

A job where you don't get to pick. You don't choose when you'll work and when you wont. You are ready and willing and hungry at every moment. You get two hours at night to do that job. A magic, unexplainable two hours when all is right in the world and you can feel it from the inside out, this is what I was meant to do.

xo Deena Marie

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