Jun 1, 2010

People are buggin'!

In the last week, I've come across not one, not two, but SIX flaky business people. Nearly half an hour late to a meeting and no apology. Not showing up on time at a designated meeting spot, leaving me locked out and heading home. #WasteOfTimeAndGas Another three who have told me they want to hire me and are not good about details / getting back to me. Last but not least, another who suddenly keeps giving me the run around every time I have asked for the payment I am owed and is LONG overdue. Seriously? I was taught from the time I was a little girl that on time is 15 minutes early. That you NEVER flake. Gonna be late? CALL. Hold up your end of the bargain. Be responsible. This is business. This is you. Professionalism is EVERYTHING.

When did I make so many one sided friendships? When did people start expecting me to be the one to initiate everything? Why do I only come to YOU? Give YOU gifts (no, I don't care about presents, it's the gesture)? Listen to YOU on the phone and am never asked what's going on with me? Never congratulated on what I'm doing (when I've been the biggest cheerleader for these "friends")? *OR* It's the opposite. You want too much from me. You expect too much and show no appreciation (and in MY opinion, from my husband, too).

Enough already.

I don't appreciate being given the run around, treated poorly or taken advantage of.

I might have to stop giving second chances here :(


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  1. Can I say that I'm glad I'm not alone on this!! I have been feeling the same way lately about some ppl in my life. Thanks for sharing hon, and I'm sorry ppl be buggin'. See you tonight! LOVE YOU!! :)