Jun 26, 2010

"HAIR" opening night!

Last night was the opening night of "HAIR".

What a surreal day. It was THE day. The day I'd waited for for years. I just wanted it to go well. To be special.
It was. It was maybe my favorite opening night yet. It felt fun. It felt right. It felt magical.

It was a rare moment in life where everyone and everything was as it should be. These people, this building, this night.

During the last song was when I could feel it sweep over me at it's strongest. I felt more than ever I was living in THAT MOMENT. Right now. Letting it in, feeling so much. Almost unexplainable. AND we got a standing ovation!

I've done this a LONG time. I've done some absolutely amazing things in my career this far. But I don't know that it will ever feel quite like THAT again.


That's when you know there is a higher power, energy, whatever it is that creates good. That does look out for you at times and for whatever reason gives you something truly special .

I'm so grateful for this experience I could burst.

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