Jul 5, 2010

My Baby

I'd never had a pet until Noodles. I was only allowed to have fish growing up. My very first puppy. He turns 3 in August. I got him when he was about 3 months old. He changed my life. I had no idea what it's like to have a bond with an animal like that. He turned me into the biggest animal lover. He made me care SO much. Pets are SO special. They can't tell you they don't want to go home with you and live with you. They can't tell you they're unhappy or something hurts. It's your job to give them the BEST life that you can. They love you no matter what. They are there to comfort you when nobody else is. Noodles never leaves my side. He always knows what I'm feeling. He is SO precious to me. He's my baby. We're so bonded. My sweetheart is always pointing out the ways we're alike. :)

Last night we got home from Park City where we'd spent the night. My mom and slept over at my house to watch him (told you he is the baby). We got home and as we went upstairs he looked like he had a hard time getting up the last few steps. We went in the kitchen to eat dinner and he was having a hard time sitting for a treat. Both very unusual for him. He'd sit about halfway and it looked like he couldn't do it and he'd stand back up. After trying a few times, he wouldn't try at at all. We had him do the stairs a few times and he could do a few, then he'd struggle. His front legs were fine but it looked like something was wrong with one or both of his back legs, I couldn't tell. When he stopped, almost stuck on the stairs, that's when we knew we needed to go to the emergency. He didn't seem in pain, but he'd never done this. I've seen a few chihuahuas, one very recently that belongs to our friends that was suddenly paralyzed and put in wheels. I was so worried something was wrong with his legs or spine.

The Doctors were great, they figure it could be a bulging disc or muscle soreness. We also found out he has a knee cap that can come out of place easily. The Dr. said we probably wouldn't see much with an x-ray, so to go home and keep an eye on him. To carry him and not let him do stairs for awhile, not let him jump up or down from the couch. He gave us prednisone, muscle relaxer and a pain killer.

I can go on auto pilot and be tough for the baby up until the end. When we were sitting in the lobby waiting for the meds, two ladies came in with a big german shepherd. It was laying on the floor, it was an old dog. Two nurses came by, and he had to be picked up by them and carried him into one of the rooms, he was barely moving. That's when I lost it. Other than hurrying Noodles to the vet with a bee sting (which also traumatized me), I never really imagined that he'd get sick, or hurt, or ever need to go to the emergency.

I feel like he'll always be here. I've never really thought about the fact that one day he'll get old. I can't even fathom that he won't live by my side forever. So many thoughts went through my head. If your baby is sick, how do you make tough decisions? How do you decide to put them in the wheels or put them down? What if the unthinkable happens and you don't have them as long as you think you will? I started thinking about my aunts who both had old dogs who recently had to be put down. What is that like? To say goodbye, to see your baby laying there for the last time? I was seeing the images of when I first laid eyes on him and knew he was the one. I remember picking him up to take him home. I was so nervous, he was just out of a bath and they'd put a little blue bandanna on him. I remember the first night home. My sweetheart said Noodles would cry and we couldn't pick him up and put him in our bed, he needed to learn to sleep in his bed from the start. He cried all night and so did I. :)

I'm VERY grateful that it was what it was. But I was reminded how fragile Noodles is, how delicate. He's got a tiny little body with tiny little legs and isn't as tough as I (or he) thinks he is.

He's doing great today, I know he'll LOVE the extra attention & being carried around. He's taking his meds-on a treat, and seems totally like himself.

Never take your pets for granted, remember that you chose THEM and took them into your home and you owe it to them to give them the best. Always take them to the Dr. at the smallest sign of them acting out of the ordinary. If you have a pup or a pet, give them an extra squeeze today!

Deena Marie <3

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