Jun 2, 2010

Yes I changed my hair. I do it often.

Every time I change my hair it's a huge deal....to some of you guys.
Never to me.

What you may not realize, is my hair has been every color and cut known to man. Within the last three years alone I've been a brunette, pitch black, bright red and blonde.

It's a never ending cycle. Change is good. I'll always be mixing it up, and have for over ten years.
Everyone has their favorite, and whatever mine is at the moment is mine.

I haven't seen my natural (medium brown / with a reddish tone) in years.

I strongly encourage gals & guys to embrace change and have fun! I know some people are afraid to cut, dye, etc. Don't be. It's a ton of fun and the quickest way to spruce up your look.

Okay? Okay. LOLZ :)

Deena Marie


top one was taken yesterday
blonde is 2007
black is 2008
red is 2007


  1. Deena you are lovely in many colors BUT i got to say that i love the color you have now and like you say change is good. Love ya <3

  2. Change looks good on you girlie! :) xo