Sep 27, 2012


Hi uncle.  Four months today.  Yesterday was the one year mark since this began.
I don't want to say too much here, I just wanted to post some pictures of you that I recently found.

A few days ago I laid down to take a nap.  I asked you to visit me while I was sleeping.  You didn't right then, but a night or two later I saw things in my sleep like nothing my mind had ever created before.

I haven't told anyone about this yet.

It looked like "heaven".  Was it yours? Was it mine? It was gorgeous.  It was gold.  It was huge! So big.  It was moving.  It was flowing.  It was absolutely grand.  I wish I had a snapshot.  I can't believe what I've seen.  I can't.

I've been silently repeating to myself the last few days, "this was the week I saw heaven".

You leaving has cracked me open, set me free, expanded me and taught me who I am.

And you continue to do so, and you continue to visit.  

Every experience carries more weight.  Every moment feels like the moment of my life.

Love you.  Love my family.  We are all one.  We remain connected.

I'm ready for this summer to be done.  I'm ready for the seasons to change.
I'm ready for all to freeze.  To thaw out.  To grow again.

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