Sep 9, 2012


What she said.

"For a start we can think about all the times when we do lose ourselves.  It happens when I dance, when I'm acting.  I'm earthed in my essence and my self is suspended.  In those moments I'm connected to everything.  The ground.  The air.  The sounds.  The energy from the audience.  All my senses are alert and alive.  In much the same way as an infant might feel.  That feeling of oneness.  And when I'm acting a role, I inhabit another self and I give it life for awhile.  Because when the self is suspended so is divisiveness and judgement."

I'm earthed in my essence and my self is suspended. 

Wow.  Exactly.

"And I honestly believe the key to my success as an actor and my progress as a person has been the very lack of self that used to make me feel so anxious and insecure."

I said this very thing in a different wording yesterday when I got home from one of those turning point rehearsals (specifics coming in a later blog).  I can't believe the lifetime I've lived in the last three months.  They have been everything.  And everything has been within them.

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