Apr 1, 2012

National Poetry Month! April 1, 2012

April is National Poetry Month!

So to celebrate (and you knew I'd be all over this), I'm going to post everyday this month...words that inspire. Words, quotes, poems, songs and passages of books. Maybe some of my own writings will be included.

Read! Post! Share YOUR words that inspire!

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Day 1

This poem comes from "Blood Sugar" by Nicole Blackman. I discovered this book many, many years ago and clung to this poem in particular in times of need. I have lost and bought this book three different times. I can't be without it on my shelf.


When he leaves,
he leaves a space,
a big or little airless place
that begs to be filled.
A part of the weekend that says
What are you going to do now?

And you think if you fill it up
you'll survive.
So you work and clean and call
and cook and write and drink
and read and sleep and shop
and say This is fine this is fine.
You can do this.

Laugh and go out drinking
with your friends when it's over.
Call everyone you know and say
Shrug, clear your throat.

It's kind of like losing a dog.
You'll miss him
but maybe it's better this way.

His friends are still your friends
and they watch you
because they send him messages
about how you're doing.
Sometimes they figure now is their chance
and they tell you they've always had it bad
for you.

Be careful with his friends.

So cut your hair
and learn to play guitar.
Walk fast and yell back
at bike messengers who tell you
what they'd do to you
if you were theirs.

Stop wearing his coat and sell his CDs.
White out his name in your address book.
Buy new perfume and learn to masturbate
with the shower head.
Turn the pain into something you can use.

And when it feels like you're imploding,
like you're the only one
who wants to like down in the street,
know that there will always be girls
who stream through this city
with their mouths slightly open
trying to breathe
and waiting to be kissed.

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  1. I love this Deena. Thank you for sharing this!