Apr 17, 2012

National Poetry Month! April 17, 2012

So to celebrate (and you knew I'd be all over this), I'm going to post everyday this month...words that inspire. Words, quotes, poems, songs and passages of books. Maybe some of my own writings will be included.

Read! Post! Share YOUR words that inspire!

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Day 17

Figured it was time to start posting a few of my own.
You want a girl by Deena Marie Manzanares

you want a girl who's seen and not heard
heard and not seen and won't speak
or speak up

you want a girl who keeps her body tense
and won't move forward
or reach out
or is reached to

you want a girl who stifles her image
who chokes on her soul
and glazes over her dreams
and will deny herself her destiny

you want a beautiful exoskeleton
and a mutated suffocated inside

you want a girl who's seen and not heard


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