Apr 4, 2012

National Poetry Month! April 4, 2012

April is National Poetry Month!

So to celebrate (and you knew I'd be all over this), I'm going to post everyday this month...words that inspire. Words, quotes, poems, songs and passages of books. Maybe some of my own writings will be included.

Read! Post! Share YOUR words that inspire!

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Day 4

Another fav of mine, for years
From "A Night Without Armor" by Jewel

I Keep Expecting You To

I keep expecting you
to fade
to wake up one morning
and not care
so I
keep myself
one carefully measured step away
in anticipation
of your love's decline
so when your cheek turns
and your attention
my heart will not be left all awkward
from an elastic thread
you forgot to pull off your old pair of socks
for it's in your nature to
lose interest suddenly
we are both artists
who suck the marrow out
of each lovely bone
It just happens to be
my lovely bones
this time
How bare

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