Apr 11, 2012

National Poetry Month! April 11, 2012

So to celebrate (and you knew I'd be all over this), I'm going to post everyday this month...words that inspire. Words, quotes, poems, songs and passages of books. Maybe some of my own writings will be included.

Read! Post! Share YOUR words that inspire!

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Day 11

April 11 is a special day for me. One year ago today I was getting ready to go somewhere, doing my makeup in the bathroom and had the bedroom tv on so I could have some noise. Oprah was on. Her guest that day was Shirley MacLaine. She was on to promote her new book, "I'm over all that". Things she was saying struck me to the core. Having been in a bit of an emotional jumble for awhile, I knew my life was about to change. I even made a mental note right then to remember the date. I knew I was supposed to be hearing her. I went out and bought her book immediately. One thing has led to another since. One book linked to another, to conversations and documentaries I might not have been aware of before. I found myself spiraling into a new path of spirituality. I have never learned as much, felt as comforted and as aware as I have, spiritually, than the last year. I am still just at the beginning, but a new world and way of thinking has been opened to me. Everything happens for a reason. Every person plays a central role in the history of the world. We are each others teachers. We are all one.

This passage taken from, "I'm over all that" by Shirley MacLaine

I will never get over the thrill of live performing

When you are performing live, your health is everything. Your entire life is prioritized according to what is expected of you on stage that night. There can be no running for a cab in the rain, in case you slip and fall; no wine at lunch or dinner; no screaming with laughter until you're hoarse. No love affair that renders you anxious or unhappy, and no love affair that makes you want to hurry through the show and get back to making love. There is no other life when you are performing live. But the rewards are worth it. When a live audience is moved to silence in a theater, the Greeks used to say they were experiencing their Godhead. That's why it's divine. Silence is your new "God-speak," when you understand and have proof that you've captured their attention completely. But you have to be healthy or you can't do it night after night.

Performing live in front of an audience is the ultimate test of self-identity. The audience want's to know who you are above all else. They will never respond to an artifice or show business trickery. They just want the real you.

That means you have to be willing to tell them. You have to become ultra-aware of everything around you. You see no one out there in the dark when you are performing, and yet you are one with them. You are one with the big happy giant seated in front of you, and you are a Big Happy.

The Miraculous magic of self-expression and the appreciation the audience feels overrides everything. You and they are one, a conglomeration of souls, simultaneously giving and receiving. Souls creating a new reality with a subliminal awareness that we are all one. You bend and flow and soar with the music. You allow it to carry you aloft. You begin to fill every space with body language; no movement is meaningless.

The lights amplify what you are doing and you know the audience can see everything. You are completely exposed. There are levels of subtlety in the music you never realized were there. You forget all the pain you ever felt. You forget technique, anxiety, and everything you ever learned. In fact, you forget who you are, because you have become one with the audience, one with the music, the lights, and the collective spirit of the audience. They send you energy. You send it back. You participate with each other. You are dancing and moving in the light with God.

Yes, it is better than sex. It is being One with all there is.

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