Jul 16, 2011

Return from NYC!

When I woke up thursday morning, knowing it was my last day there, I couldn't stop tearing up. I had to try not to burst into tears twice in the lobby. I loved my trip. I loved, loved, loved my trip. I really needed it. I had the best time, it felt so good to be away, to be there and to be with new people and places. Old and new really, the change of scenery is just what I needed. By the time I got in late on thursday night I was sleep deprived. Emotionally and physically exhausted and practically delirious. Yesterday I woke up in a major funk. I hated that I couldn't rush out the door and into the busy street, see another broadway show in the evening and end the night with my friends at a new bar. Absolutely hated it. I'm still trying to shake a bit of the funk today...

I stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania on 33rd & 7th. It was big and old. Not the best place I've stayed but not the worst. I never care much about where I'm staying as long as it's in midtown.

I dunno wtf this stain was...

I always go to Chelsea. Chelsea Market is where I had lunch everyday for years. It always has new stores but many are the same. I ate a delicious sandwich from Hale & Hearty and was glad to see Ruths, where I used to get my daily coffee, was still there. I only wished I would have had time to eat at Chelsea Tai, where my favorite pad tai is.

Walked passed Flight on my last day, the bar we always hung out in as students.

I've said for YEARS that my very favorite mexican restaurant is Mary Ann's in Chelsea. I eat there every time I go. I always get the same thing, the Sixteenth Street. Oh man. It was DELICIOUS as always.

I have always liked to spend some time sitting alone in Lincoln Center. My old classrooms at Juilliard looked out over this courtyard. Took this picture when I went to purchase my ticket to "War Horse". And yes, the play was amazing. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I just wanted to cry and cry by the end, but I couldn't because I'd ruin my makeup and I was meeting friends right after. All I wanted was to hold Noodles while watching it. I can't even tell you the story of it or think of Albert's voice saying "Good boy, Joey!" Without choking up. My god.

Had some LATE nights. Don't even think about waking me up with your housekeeping! NO MOLESTE! :)

This is the subway I'd get out of each day to go to school.:)

There was the day of the call back. By a strange turn of events and connections made here in SLC, I was invited to a callback and was able to perform a whole bunch of material in front of a big NYC casting director as well as a brilliant local playwright and director(s) from a theatre in MA. I was lucky and grateful and am left wanting more of those opportunities and chances to perform elsewhere.

Billy is one of my very favorites. We met in NYC years ago and have managed to stay in touch and see each other every so often. We have a blast. My first night there we went to six bars. Some were old haunts and some were new to me. Arlene's Grocery was my favorite place. Monday night karoke!

He took this pic of me before my first subway ride of the trip!

John is another favorite friend. We met at at YouTube gathering. Our connection was instant and we were attached at the hip the next four days. We hadn't seen each other in two years. It was so great to be in the same place again.

I saw "Spider-Man". If you know me, then you know Spidey is my favorite superhero. You know how I could've cared less what critics were saying about the show and that I couldn't wait to see a freaking Spider-Man musical with my own eyes. You also may know that I once did a show with Patrick Page (Green Goblin) and you may have heard me say he is arguably the best actor I've ever observed in "real life". You also may know that through reading about the show, I became a fan of Reeve Carney (Spider-Man). So I stayed after to say hi to Patrick and to tell Reeve he is a rockstar.

And by the way? The show is fun as hell. I'd see it again, for the "Bouncing of the Walls" number alone.

There is no such thing as cute, comfortable shoes for NYC. There's just not.

I'm still trying to process it all and try to figure out what happens next. It's always so special and emotional (obviously) when I'm there. I wish I could be in two places at once.

John took and posted this of me across the platform on my last night and titled it "Hard to say goodbye"...

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