Jul 2, 2011

Creature Panache: Black Chandelier

Last friday I walked the runway for Creature Panache, the Black Chandelier runway benefit.

I've modeled for BC numerous times, but I gotta say this was the first time I've been in a fashion show wearing only body paint.

But actually, I felt more covered up than I have in certain theatre or burlesque performances!

It almost looks like a wetsuit! I loved how it turned out. And just in case there are any prudes of pervs...NO i'm NOT completely nude. You're not seeing anything other than you'd see in a swimsuit ;)

One day when I'm old and wrinkled I'll look back at these pics fondly and remember what it was like to hit the gym and feel damn good walking that runway!

Some of the most talented peeps you'll meet...

Photos: Ethan Killian
Body Painter: Gailon Justus
MUA: Danielle Carlsen
Hair: Salon Tantrum
Black Chandelier Designer: Rachel Domingo

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