Dec 18, 2009

Year end review!

Me & Noodles

Since it's almost time to say goodbye to 2009... let's take a minute to reflect on all the badass things that happened this year.

I'm not writing this blog for purely narcissistic reasons but because it's important to celebrate your successes! Especially for me, always in a state of wanting more and wondering what I can make happen next.

1.) Ford Fiesta Movement
I was one of 100 agents (over 4K applied) to drive the 2011 version of the fiesta for 6 months and complete monthly online missions. Lots of perks, lots of fun!

2.) NYC
7/8/9/ Youtube Gathering. Got to meet lots of youtubers in the flesh. Made true friends (extra special shoutout to John Raymond Barker of who I LOVE) and got to visit my old stomping grounds. Saw "Next to Normal" and "Hair".

3.) LA
Went to CA end of August for the premiere of Ester Bryms documentary on youtubers, "Butterflies". Got to make new friends and visit long lost ones. While I was there I was also one of six models to walk the runway for designer Jared Gold in his fierce collaboration with artist Joshua Petker in Gold vs. Petker at Social Hollywood.

4.) Pinups for Pups
I got to host Salt Lake Citys first ever Pinups for Pups event at club Bliss!

5.) Infantry Monologues
Got to play soldier Olivia Valorossa in "Infantry Monologues". Delivered a 40 page dramatic monologue and loved every minute of every performance.

6.) Runway
Celebrity model for "IN" Magazine's first ever "Fashion Night Out". Walked the runway at The Depot for Vintage Fox, Lolabella/JMR and Urban Outfitters.

7.) Countless photo shoots!
Thanks to the following brilliant photographers: Lauren Manzanares, Todd Collins, DC Snaps, Sunny Simkins, Lily Katherine, Vanessa Cheney, Oscar Veloz and Mike Kamanski!

8.) Pride Day
Got to play the Jack & Coke Lady and hang out with the "IN" Magazine booth. What a blast!

9.) Burlesque
Some of the most fun performing with the Voodoo Darlings ever was our two days of Pride performances and a benefit at Club Jam.

10.) Press
MTV's "It's on with Alexa Chung" showed a clip of "Twilight High School Musical"! Thanks to City Weekly, IN Magazine, SLTrib, Deseret News, Volition Magazine, Gavins Underground and many more online blogs who featured me this year. Including covers!

11.) City Weekly
For being so damn good to me and having me do a weekly video for

12.) KUTV2
Getting to play Honey Bee 11/20 for the "New Moon" opening and interview 'Edward & Jacob'. Playing 'Sarah Palin' 12/09 and one more appearance as Lola and as myself promoting "Go Dog Go" at Salt Lake Acting Company. The morning news team has been more than amazing to me.

13.) Scene Maker
Performing at "IN" Mag's first Scene Maker Party, on my birthday 3/27 at Club Vegas

14.) Noodles
Lucky to have the worlds best and most beautiful pup.

15.) My sweetheart
I swear I love him more each day and am in constant awe that there was a person out there who would be so perfect for me.

16.) Ouch
Getting through a second surgery :)

17.) 1st Place
I won the Pinup Parking Lot pinup contest!

18.) TV
This one is bittersweet. You remember. VH1. "Scream Queens"
While I was a little (okay a lot) heartbroken...getting so close just makes me realize my time is coming. It IS just around the corner.

19.) Blue Dog
I'm having the time of my life in "Go Dog Go" as the Blue Dog at one of my favorite theatres, Salt Lake Acting Company

20.) New Projects
I'm so lucky and excited to begin working on new projects in 2010!
Playing Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz in the world premiere of "Amerigo", appearing in Banned / Slammed. Youtube collaborations with people you know and love and will be surprised to see.

And of course, YOUTUBE! A successful follow up to "Twilight High School Musical", we shot "New Moon: The Musical" and made it even bigger and better! A shoutout from Michael Buckley aka jumped me up in subscribers an extra 10k. What a selfless and kind thing for him to do!

So much more happened this year but this is all that's coming to me right now...if I've forgotten you it's NOT on purpose!

I want so much in this next year. So much to do so little time. I'm hopeful. There are some new directions I'm thinking of taking. Some new interests and priorities that have surprised me most of all. We'll see how things unfold next...


Deena Marie

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