Dec 30, 2009

A blue dog no more...

How cool is this! Ha ha! The above pic (click for bigger image) is from a review of "Go Dog Go" on a site I'd never come across before called Volition Magazine here is the link to the full article :

I've been going on & on about how this show and role were among my favorites, particularly the scene where the dogs are at work. We each had different tools and I started out with two small hammers. As the dogs get tired and things slow down, I leave the stage and enter with a giant jackhammer (all props were one dimensional and made of wood, very bright and cartoon like) that "bounces" me and the others all around the stage. It's something you'd just have to have seen but I think I'll miss it most of all! :)

Anyway, a huge thanks to Voilition for the mention of what was my favorite part. It's always a great feeling that someone else has noticed your work!

Show was a success, sold out nights, turning people away and having to add an extra show.

There is a possibility that SLAC will bring it back next year. I would love love love that!

So for now, Blue Dog is no more. Sad to say goodbye but I'm already busy with catching up on my video making, photo shoots and another news appearance!

Tomorrow morning I'll be back on the KUTV2 morning show! Maybe you'll see Jan? ;)

Two new videos are now uploaded on my 2 channels

"Snookie from Jersey Shore: get the look"

"I Time Traveled to the 1920's"

Happy New Year!

xo Deena Marie

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