Aug 10, 2012

The Peacocks & a few other things.

I've been seeing peacocks everywhere lately.

It started with the return back home after Chucks burial, and ending up at a strange petting zoo at a rest stop.  There she was, a beautiful first peacock, which I got a lovely picture of.

I thought a lot about her after.

I've always liked peacocks but not overly so, yet since then I have been highly aware of them.  I have dreamed of them, I have looked up at the tv just in time to glimpse one, I have had friends post them on my facebook (for no reason other than they though I might like them, since I've never mentioned them) and saw a few more at the Hindu temple a couple weeks ago.

I decided to look up what a peacock symbolizes, knowing that they've been trying to tell/show me something and in a most obvious way!



Like a phoenix.

Further reading tells me they are an emblem of protection, nobility, watchfulness, guidance and holiness.  THe vault of heaven and the "eyes" of the stars who watch all life unfolding.

A peacock is a symbol of:




Of course.

* * *

Tired, inarticulate and with thoughts and feelings I haven't assigned a home to yet, I have today been a step (or more, many more) beyond any kind of tears or localized sadness.

I've also noted (and not noted my thoughts/feelings on this either) that Sunday is the day when everyone leaves.

The year of the new normal.  Losses in abundance, change running rampant.  Appearance, means of transportation, my very insides all altered.

* * *

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