Nov 20, 2011

20 Things I currently LOVE.

Things I currently love.

1.) Turkey Lasagna.
My dad bought one for us from Costco a few months ago and I was scared of the turkey-instead-of-beef part. I haven't had beef, pork or sea food in over a decade and even chicken and turkey can make me a little nervous. I am not food adventurous. I like what I like. I eat like a five year old. I could live on pizza and bean burritos. Oh and pickles. And candy. But when I tried it? New favorite! Now we eat them as much as humanely possible.

2.) Eggnog Lattes.
'Tis the season! Is it just me, or did starbucks get them early this year? Every year my friend and I have a contest to see who can drink more. Last year I doubled her number with my 30 nogs. So far this year I am at 9 she is at 6. Who will win? The anticipation.

3.) The stage.
We have extended the run of "A Man Enters" at SLAC which is rare and exciting and I couldn't be having a better time. Acting is a constant state of learning and growing no matter where you are in your career or what you've done. The stage is my safe, sacred space.

4.) My family.
The timing of family members getting sick couldn't be worse. It sure starts making you face and think of things you didn't think you'd have to anytime soon. It also puts things into perspective and surprises the hell out of you.

5.) Reading.
When winter comes and it gets cold out I hibernate. I just want to stay inside in my jammies, cuddle my pup and read. I love ordering my books from Amazon. I get excited when they get here. I just can't switch to a kindle yet, I just can't.

6.) Working out.
I can't believe how regularly I've been working out for over a year now. It really has changed my life and I can't believe what it does for me mentally. Especially in winter. What a mood booster. All ya'll should do it for your mental health alone.

7.) New Adventures.
There are both career adventures and family adventures I'm excited for in the near future and ready to make happen.

8.) Not expecting.
Don't set yourself up to fail or set yourself up to be let down. It's not fair to you and the other person or situation. Just accept, allow and surrender. It's all unfolding as it should.

9.) Reeve Carney.
What can I say? I'm still in awe of his beauty and talent. Now he's dating Ashley Greene so she is now (sorry Ashley) on my people to punch in the face list ;)

10.) Wax Tailor.
Try the Wax Tailor station on pandora. It hasn't let me down yet.

11.) Being me.
Just being myself regardless of what anyone will think, or do, or expect of me.

12.) Gin.
And I thought vodka was my favorite?

13.) Beavis and Butt-head
Oh lord, I am SO happy they're back. Butt-head has always been my favorite.

14.) Photo shoots & runway.
Always have, always will. I'm very aware that time is fleeting and one day I won't be asked to do such fun things.

15.) Gratitude.
I'm learning more than ever before that being grateful for what you do have is the name of the game.

16.) Making time.
Making time to do what you want, what nourishes your soul. Shirley MacLaine says we decide how time passes. It's so true. Allocate your time. Use it wisely. What a difference it makes when you're a little more aware rather than letting time control you.

17.) Quotes.
This isn't a new love, but it is such a gift when you find one or more that fit you at an exact moment and give you comfort every time you think of them.

18.) The Crucible.
I'm beginning to think that "The Crucible" might end up being "the one that got away". I've had several brushes with this show. My senior year of high school we put this on and I'll never forget my drama teacher taking me out into the hall and in a very upset tone, telling me that I, "really messed up The Crucible...big time!" When I chose to take the lead in "Cinderella" in a theater outside of school, he gave me a small role instead of a lead. I was okay with my decision, and looking back on it I wouldn't have changed it for the world. But it was a show that went on my dream list. I was recently up for it out of town and now it's coming up for the first time at a local theater. I'm already booked during this time and it's a theatre that rarely gives AEA contracts, unfortunately. But I can't wait to see it. I saw it on Broadway and I love the movie. It will always be a special one.

19.) Complimenting.
It doesn't take anything away from you to give a compliment, and it's not about keeping score. If you like what somebody did on stage, tell them so. You never know how it can make their day, and yours as well. We don't support and encourage each other enough. Cattiness and/or keeping yourself contained can be bad for both ends.

20.) The New Girl.
Zooey has the best hair. And this is definitely the best new series.

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