Nov 28, 2011

Hey! I have eyes, too!

I'm sooooo sick of reading stuff like this:

"Men and women are built differently. Men are visually stimulated and women are more emotionally driven, so the temptations for a man to be attracted to a person of the opposite sex, based simply on looks, are far greater than for a woman. On the other hand, women are more enticed by touch, by closeness and by emotional understanding."

I don't agree. This does NOT apply to every woman (men, I can't speak on your behalf). I don't feel like this is the norm that I've necessarily experienced or even observed.

Sure, I may be a taken woman but I have eyes.

Trust me when I tell you that women are JUST as visual as men. I can certainly appreciate the following and if in a fantasy land I certainly DON'T need them to reach an emotional understanding with me.

Better yet, they don't even need to TALK. :)

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