Oct 28, 2010

Say it with conviction!

You know how you always hear that confidence is the most attractive quality? Or that anyone can be attractive if they have confidence? I think I am learning what that means.

If someone says something with conviction, completely and honestly owning their worlds, then that's that. They don't waver, you don't doubt them. This goes for anyone and everyone.

Lately I've been in a phase of questioning everything. Everyone else, their words, their beliefs, their perception of life, relationships, events, the way they see things, their reality.

If this quote is true, and I whole heartedly believe it to be:
"Nothing exists but atoms & empty space. Everything else is opinion."

Then how do we ever know what's real? You hear someone tell you a truth, with great conviction (confidence) but this is only THEIR perception. What if everything we've believed, been taught by someone with that ability, that confidence, is wrong? It's their reality, but is it ours? Is it mine?

Just because someone passionately believes one thing doesn't mean you need too. Maybe it's not your reality.

But how do you successfully and calmly live in your reality and not feel argumentative and disgruntled all the time?

This, folks, is what goes through my mind through the day at the strangest of times.

I'm in the wrong profession. I should have been a student of psychology & science! :)

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