Oct 14, 2010

AMF & Wonder Woman!

I like to say the name AMF.
Because the first thing I think of is the drink, NOT Arts Meets Fashion. But that just so happens to be what I'm talking about.

When it rains it pours! I was asked to model for Hair Wars, the Blue Boutique fashion show and for one of the AMF designers. On the SAME NIGHT! I wish I could do them all! I chose to walk the runway for McKell Maddox, who was just on the last season of Project Runway. I have learned I'll be in a vintage swimsuit. Click the pic for the info. Be there or be square.

If you read my last post, here's an update. David E. Kelley hasn't called me (yet ;) ) but I'm going to be Wonder Women on the cover of the Halloween "IN" Magazine issue. The shoot is monday. I'll just have to send him the link!

I had two shoos last week, with Matt Spencer photography and Aspen McKenna. We did a LIPS series and I love how they turned out. Look it up on mine and / or their facebooks. The other was with Todd Collins. Old Hollywood Movie shoot with myself and sweetheart. Again, love them. Love anytime I can get my sweetheart to shoot with me!

This is week #3 of Zumba. I seriously NEVER thought I'd LIKE working out. From my first class I've been obsessed. I have found my two favorite places and instructors and will be buying my annual pass. Four times this week! I'm building up my endurance already, I don't need water after each song and I don't sweat like I did in the beginning. Time to kick it up a notch, I guess! I wish the classes were an hour and a half rather than an hour. It goes by SO fast. When it's done I am so pumped and wanting more. I've decided one day when I retire from all things acting and modeling I will totally learn to teach it.

Tomorrow night marks the beginning of Halloween parties and events! Costume for the first party? Sookie from True Blood. Bring it on!

Something else you need to look up on facebook asap, is this:
Different = Amazing.
There's a facebook group and event. One night only on November 14, 2010 at Rose Wagner. Very important benefit inspired by the recent teen suicides and It Get's Better. GET INVOLVED. Spread the word!

I love October.

I didn't realize it had been over a YEAR since my last Jack & Coke lady episode! So here you go. LONG overdue:

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