May 8, 2009

woa, nelly!

MAY is BUSY! When it rains it pours.

This week I started rehearsals, was assigned my first ford fiesta mission,

had a six hour photo shoot with three different looks.

Rehearsals are intense, the time is so short, and there is so much to do.   I tend to fall off the face of the earth when rehearsing / performing so you've been warned.  Playing an army chick again.  If you'd have told me I'd ever even be considered to play something like that a few years ago, I never would have believed it.  This one is trickier than the last.  Now my character is IN the army as opposed to just out.  All that gear! Oh my lord! :) My official ford agent page is up so take a look and see what fabulous / hilarious mission I've picked.  He he he.  It's perfect. The shoot started out with a very high fashion, sophistacated look to a funky glam rock to swimsuit.  I can't wait to see the results.  That's it.  I actually have a few hours this morning to get things done.  So peace, I'm out!

xo me

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  1. Sheesh! Always the busy bee! :) Oh, and Army chicks rock! I should know, I am one ;P lol If you want any pointers, I'm here to help :D Congratulations on the car, and my advice to driving a stick? Mid-day traffic. Seriously, it's slow enough to keep you feeling in control, but stop-and-go enough to help you learn shifting faster. First gear is always the hardest when you first start learning. ;) Don't be nerrrrvous Little Miss Honeybee! Just get out on the road and DO IT! :D lol Good luck in all your endeavors!