May 5, 2015


I've been getting some new traffic over here, so I wanted to do a quick intro if you're new to my blog. I'm Deena Marie Manzanares, professional actor, model, TV personality, writer, and social media chick.

For my full bio and resume, click here!

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Important facts:
~Watch my weekly entertainment segment, "Deena on the Local Scene" on KUTV2 every friday at 5:15 am. Or record it. Or find it online. And send me press releases about your upcoming events. 
~I love unicorns.
~I never met a treat I didn't like.
~I'm a mom to a five pound male chihuahua, Noodles.
~I'm wife to the man of my dreams.
~I'm an only child and an aries. I know, I know.
~I'm a UT native, but lived in NYC on & off for 5 years.
~I'm funnier on my other social media, this blog is a little more serious. So, find the link that floats your boat. Or if you like a variety, follow me everywhere!
~I'm half spanish.
~I'm really good at nintendo,  obsessed with Legend of Zelda, and Ocarina of Time is my favorite game.
~Below is a picture of me meeting my birth mother, obviously.

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