Jun 7, 2012

What comes of it.

What comes of it is a new, easy perspective.

What's simple really is true.

It's so whole, so encompassing, the easy simplicity life requires.
Why is it so hard for us to see that until we experience something like this?

Going back to normal doesn't exist.  Embrace the new.  Embrace the not normal.

What sympathy, patience, compassion and understanding can be learned from this.
Don't let go of that.

A heightened awareness of mortality.  I can't even explain what that feels like.

The need to be only with others who want to be with you.
There is no time or need to force anything else.

The experience of feeling everything just as it comes.  No need to prepare yourself to feel or be anything other than what you are.  Right this second.  No need to push down, block out.

A strange appreciation for the fragile connectedness to those you're related to.  Whatever your feelings, however often you see them you are all part of the same tapestry of blood and memory.

An awareness of all that you have and how lucky you are.  You see it with everything else cleared away. You feel so grateful you wonder "why me" and you no longer want for more.

Living in the present.


Oh yeah, and everyone should have an animal.  They posses the power to heal and comfort.

It's kind of unreal.

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