Aug 23, 2011

Well look at that!

As always, in this biz when it rains it pours and when there's drought...well then there's drought.

I just started rehearsal yesterday for "A Doll House" (a new translation by the super talented and sweet Eric Samuelsen and yes, it's spelled correctly not to be confuses with "A Doll's House for those who will wonder, ha ha). We rehearse like crazy to put on a staged reading for a one afternoon only benefit, which is on Sunday. Script in hand but fully blocked.

I've also been cast in the world premiere of "A Man Enters" at Salt Lake Acting Company which will start rehearsing in October and run through November. The cast will get together for a read through for the playwrights (a mom & daughter, how cool is that?!) on Monday.

At the end of September I'll be spending two full days in a workshop/reading of a new play, by Eric Samuelsen as well.

It will be a busy next couple months! Thank goodness!

Just wanted to upadate everyone on what will be going on so you don't think I've fallen off the face of the earth...when I have to fall off the face of the earth for a bit.

I'm still planning on getting back to my NYC Diaries but just haven't had a chance. I will soon though, before I forget where I was!

We'll also be out of town for a few days next month to attend a wedding of some of our closest friends. Can't wait to see them exchange their vows and have one last little get away before it's a wrap on summer 2011!

It gets harder to find time for YouTube vids, but the full "Twilight" trailer should soon be released and myself and my cast / crew of the "Twilight" parodies always look SO forward to that!

I was booked on a shoot recently and met not one, but TWO local youtubers! I really didn't know there were any others and vice versa. We will definitely be collabing in the future. And there's someone else who will be making a surprise appearance in in an upcoming vid that will be pretty stay tuned!

It's been a few months now of major gym time. Weights and machines and all things I never thought I'd be interested in. I'm addicted and I'm slowly but surely beginning to see results. It's so strange to get used to, but pretty amazing to find you're stronger than you think and see your strength increase as you stick with it. What was so hard when you first set foot in the gym becomes too easy and you bump up your weights...then again...and again. This picture is such a big deal to me. For my body and the way it's looked my whole life this is quite a difference. I was so excited to compare, I have to share:

I NEVER thought my arms would look like this. Yes, it's just a beginning and I don't want much more than this...I don't think...but damn I'm proud of sticking to it and being proud of going religiously. I strongly recommend hitting the gym. It truly is magic for your mood and confidence.

Thanks for reading! More soon!

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