Aug 13, 2011

Time warp!

So the last few days I've had part of a song stuck in my head and I've been meaning to look it up again and play it. I just remembered. I also remembered this song as being popular a few years ago. I just watched three clips of it on YouTube, including two live performances. It was from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO! Whaaaaaaaaaat? Fifteen? How? How is this possible? Looking at the cute young face of this singer and realizing this was that long ago made me think he probably looks nothing like that now and I stopped myself from googling the band. I just needed a minute to catch my breath. It just hit me in a totally different way how FAST time goes. How quickly our youth will be over. Woah. That just freaked me out. I honestly didn't think that much time had passed, it seemed like just a couple of years. I must be getting old.

Curse you, father time!

This also comes on the heels of a conversation with a friend earlier this week when the subject of fear came up. What do you fear most? I realized I fear getting old. And I've been thinking a lot about that this week. I want to be forever young. I feel young. I don't ever want the outside to...not match what is on the inside. I wish I could freeze myself right now forever.

How do you accept the fact that you will age? Wrinkle? Be old? Change?


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