Aug 2, 2011

It's that time again...Voyeur Ed!

The new series of videos for "Saturday's Voyeur" at Salt Lake Acting Company are here. There are three this year to advertising /teach/ excite you for the 2011 summer production. I LOVE getting to be in these. They are SO fun to film. I could do this all day, every day.





My favorite screen shot:

I had a caption contest on and here's what you sillies came up with:

John Alonzo ‎"Is that it? I thought it would be bigger?"
July 23 at 9:58am · Unlike · 2 people

Rafa Fantastica ‎"One trillion dollahs!"
July 23 at 9:59am · Unlike · 1 person

Alain Lovelyvoices Very nice!
July 23 at 9:59am · Unlike · 1 person

Charles Kinbote ‎"Wouldn'cha know it..."
July 23 at 10:00am · Unlike · 1 person

Allison Chappell ‎"Well. Now isn't that speeeeshuullll"
July 23 at 10:04am · Unlike · 1 person

Andrew Lowe St Trinians?
July 23 at 10:09am · Unlike · 1 person

Rafa Fantastica ‎"Like. A. Bosssss"
July 23 at 10:09am · Unlike · 1 person

Josh Ryan So, THAT'S where Carmen Sandiego is.
July 23 at 10:12am · Unlike · 2 people

Dan Smith ‎"surely you have more Nerds in the stock room"
July 23 at 10:21am · Unlike · 2 people

Marques Shaw ‎"Can't stop here. This is bat country."
July 23 at 1:15pm · Unlike · 1 person

Blargal Iannotti Caption: "Yeah,RIGHT,it shrinks in the cold"
July 23 at 1:15pm · Unlike · 1 person

David Hill Thats where my old glasses went. LOL.
July 23 at 2:20pm · Unlike · 1 person

Lance Reeder Mmmmm I just burnt my tongue
July 23 at 3:16pm · Unlike · 1 person

Greg Dunn She realized in the very instant the picture wass snapped that someone had put super glue in her lipstick.
July 23 at 3:44pm · Unlike · 1 person

Mark Bellamy The answer is are in trouble.
July 23 at 4:59pm · Unlike · 1 person
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