Mar 22, 2011


The pic on the left was taken on March 14. The one on the right was taken on March 19.

Why post this? First of all, because it's really funny to me. Funny that this was in the same week.

Second, because I called my YouTube channel "The Deena Show: Woman of 1,000 faces" (at for a reason.

And third, because I love pictures. I love love love them. When I post a pic it's not out of narcissism, I don't care about comments, I don't care about compliments. Never have.

Facebook is a funny thing, because before we had these online lives, I had my photo albums. My precious photo albums. Tons of photos documenting the majority of my life. I love to have pictures of myself. With friends, family, at important events, at not so important events, alone, unaware the picture was being taken, photo shoots, you name it I love them. I love them because it captures a moment in time. I love having my memories documented. I love having various ages, stages, moments in my life captured forever. I love being surprised by looking back on a picture and remembering what was happening that day, that exact, specific time in my life. It brings back an entire day, or better yet, a time of my life.

That's all it is when I'm posting on facebook. I'm just documenting my life. I want to do it all, I want constant change and adventures. I want to look back in five years and marvel at where I was, right this minute...because us humans have a hard time doing it when it's happening.

That's all. :)

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